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Help - Navigation

The site consists of 1246 images. To simplify navigation each image is assigned to one of 41 Series, such as 'The Lord of the Rings', or 'London'.

Additionally, each image is assigned to one of 32 Groups. Groups are related to the actual people superimposed into the image, rather than to the fictional or famous people being replaced. 'Dolphin' is an example of a group.

The main page displays icons for all of the series and groups underneath the site theme image.

Hovering over an image will give you more information about it.

Hovering over a group or series icon will display its name and the number of images it contains.

Clicking on a series or group icon will take you to the main page of that series or group which contains thumbnails for its images.

Hovering over a thumbnail will indicate what the image is of and its approximate size. In some cases, it will also show you a thumbnail of the original person or painting.

Clicking on a thumbnail will take you to a page containing a larger version of the image together with navigation icons to help you move around either the series or group as summarised in the following diagram:

navigation help

Alternatively, the site can be navigated by going to the Site Map page which contains no thumbnails (so is good for slow connections) but lists all of the images against series, groups and people.

If you have visited the site before and simply want to look at images added since your last visit, then go to the History page as that has a thumbnail page for each update of the site.

Additionally, going to the Characters page will take you to a page containing a list of characters such as Legolas, Arwen linked to their images.
Going to the Eminent People page will take you to a page containing a list of featured eminent people, linked to their images.
Finally, going to the Thanks page will take you to a page containing a list of some of the volunteers, linked to their images.

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